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80 state Champions, 2 National Records

5 NCAA and NAIA Collegiate Champions

1983 through 2018,  36 years of coaching and study!

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Dec Fees Paid in Red
Jan Fees Paid in Orange
Feb Fees paid are in Blue.
Black= no fees paid (or paying by day) and spot is not guaranteed
Be sure to let Coach know if there is any discrepancy in the information below.

Mon/Wed 4 -6
Mon/Wed  6 - 8        
Tues/Th 4 - 6
Tues/Th 6-8 Friday 5-7 Saturday 10 - 1  Sun 1-3   
1. Cooper Curtin   Payton Alworth   Tate DeCarlo Mike Rogers Raynah Cheng Raynah Cheng 
2. Ben Fowler Harry Canfield Asomjwee Amponsah Savanah Schultz Maddie Fassiotto Rachel Cheon
3. Luke Bennet Jimmy Shaffer Spencer Dunckley Sierra Schultz Stover Harger Ashley Campbell
4. Isabelle Neal Sophia Browning Ryan Hooten  Rosie Folger-Vent Calvin Fulkerson Sydney McCann
5. Trey Marchesi Libby Barkhurst Sydney McCann Reanna Maroon  Faith Laursen(Jan) Gabby Justin (Th/Sun)
6. William Thompson Evi Canfield Dale Thompson Gabby Justin (Th/Sun) Nate Gong (Th/Sun)
7. Royce Pascua George Villatoro Emma Vladut Nate Gong  Tristan Wright (Th/Sun)
8. Conrad Greely Nathaniel Powell Jolena Wessels Tristan Wright  Faith Laursen(Jan)
9. Tyrel halme Olivia McNeil Grace White Sammi Woodring Maddie Fassiotto
10. Phillip Pierce Tanner Farley Grace Tully Cat Slanagan Calvin Fulkerson
Olivia McNeil Shelby Gwyn Matt Mitchell Ashley Campbell
12. Julia Griffith Joe Green Lucy Balish Joe Green
13. Tatum Reiter Katahdin (March)


Full Full Full Open Open Open

Contact Information:
  Rick Baggett (Director)
     E-Mail: baggettpv@gmail.com