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67 state Champions, 2 National Records

5 NCAA and NAIA Collegiate Champions

1983 through 2016,  33 years of coaching and study!

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January Fees paid are in Blue
Feb Fees paid in Green
March Fees Paid in Red
Black= no fees paid (or paying by day) and spot is not guaranteed
Be sure to let Coach know if there is any discrepancy in the information below.

Mon/Wed 4 -6
Mon/Wed  6 - 8         
Tues/Th 4 - 6
Tues/Th 6-8   Fri/Sun
1. Stover Harger Victoria Prouty Rosie Folger-Vent
2. Alyssa Kuwata Ben Gentile Sarah Ellis
3. Sophia Smith Shelby Quinn Annie Deforge
4. Gillian Styring  Sierra Schultz Dale Thompson
5. Ashley Campbell  Savanah Schultz
6. Mike Rogers Carrie McCaslin
7. Joe Green Sammy Woodring
8. Luke Bennett

Contact Information:
  Rick Baggett (Director)
     E-Mail: baggettpv@gmail.com