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Pole Vault 101

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Pole Vault 101

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."  

- Michelangelo


     Welcome to WSTC Pole Vault 101 page!  Many athletes have no clue how good they can be.  I see the vaulter in them and want to set them free. Pole Vault 101 is for those who have never participated in a WSTC Pole Vault event.  It is an introduction to pole vaulting basics with an emphasis on safety.  The better they understand why things need to be done a certain way, and why common mistakes will hold them back, the better they can become.  I take vaulters, beginners and experienced, through the learning progressions taught by the best coaches worldwide.  Pole Vault 101 comes highly recommended for new vaulters.  Even experienced vaulters will be amazed by the difference slight adjustments can make to their overall performance.  For coaches and schools this is a great liability reducer.  Come experience the excitement

Upcoming Pole Vault 101

       Most every Saturday!

  Call for registration Coach Scott McCoy (360-589-8264, scottrmccoy@gmail.com)

     Times are by appointment only

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