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By far the best educational book on the event of Pole Vaulting. A must read and study for both coaches and athletes in the event!!! These are available onsite at the outrageous price of $50. Be sure to pick up yours soon

Rick Baggett       US Senior Coach

Chapter 1 is free: Just download here....

Accompanying video is available too at $10    $60 total for both



          These Videos are available onsite at the outrageous price of $20 each. Be sure to pick up yours soon!!!  Rick Baggett       US Senior Coach


         Free Downloads for your benefit!!!! More to come as soon as I can scan my documents...

 "Hip Pocket Guide to Pole Vault" a Powerpoint on Learning Progressions in Pole Vaulting. Download for free!

       Reno 2016 Powerpoint  by Rick Baggett.

          *Download the Hip Pocket Guide and the Reno Powerpoint to help you put a Coaching Program together

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"Learning with WSTC" a Powerpoint on Psychomotor Learning.

"Warmups and Running Mechanics" by Rick Baggett

DownLoad the video

"Pole Vault Skills Checklist" by Brit Kirkland (must have!)

*Downolad these athletic tests and use them for training design.

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Page 2

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Helpful Conversion Chart Download


Technique Training in the Pole Vault   by Viatali Petrov

Training Plan  by Viatali Petrov

Canali Gymnastics by Vincenzo Canali (must read!)

Applied Kinesiological Concerns for Athletics by Bo Schnexnayder

Tom Tellez on Sprinting

Pole Dynamics by Leslie Vorhees

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